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MHRB ratings PDF Print E-mail
Hamburger Review Board
Thursday, 05 May 2011 15:39

The Mensa Hamburger Review Board is a Special Interest Group within East Central Ohio Mensa. Ratings are based on the perception of our participants. As the hamburger is the reason for our visit, locations are listed according to their burger rating. Our overall impression is listed for reference. Neither East Central Ohio Mensa nor the MHRB assume any responsibility or liability in regard to these ratings.

LOCATION                               BURGER RATING    OVERALL RATING
DUFFY'S - Akron (4/1/14)                   4.88             4.73
LARRY's MAIN ENTRANCE (09/15/14)           4.81             4.44
HODGES - Barberton(8/20/10)                4.71             4.23
THE OFFICE BISTRO - Akron(5/4/13)          4.6327           4.52
WHITEY'S - Richfield(4/13/12)              4.6264           4.55
THE RAIL - Fairlawn(8/7/12)                4.60             4.53
FLIP SIDE - Hudson(6/26/12)*1              4.57             4.47
BACCHUS LOUNGE - Peninsula (7/14/14)       4.51             4.38
THE MAIN STREET CAFE - Medina(4/25/11)     4.43             4.40
LIGHTHOUSE CAFE - Lodi(10/1/11)            4.4047           4.42
WINDSOR PUB - Akron(5/12/12)               4.3961           4.27
MOJO'S - Austintown(5/27/12)               4.3857           4.42
MIMI'S ITALIAN GRILL - Ravenna(9/22/12)    4.3750           4.26
SAVE THE FISH - N. Canton(8/25/12)         4.3723           4.17
METROBURGER - Akron (CLOSED)               4.3425           4.27
RAY'S PLACE - Kent(7/23/11)                4.3303           4.30
LOUIE’S - Akron(4/8/11)                    4.3265           4.22
FRANK'S PLACE - Akron(9/6/13)              4.3066           4.26
GRINDERS - N. Canton(7/13/13)              4.2917           4.26
IDO BAR & GRILL - Akron(8/10/11)           4.2857           4.26
BOB'S HAMBURG - Akron(4/13/13)             4.2857           4.18
COURTYARD CAFE - Brecksville(7/11/15)      4.27             4.30
YANKEE KITCHEN - Vienna(8/3/13)            4.2656           4.38
SMOKE the BURGER JOINT - N. Canton(4/2015) 4.24             4.26
Johnny J's - Medina (5/9/14)               4.19             4.25
3 BROTHERS CORNER TAVERN - Canton(9/10/11) 4.12             4.13
Legends Sports Bar - Green  (6/2014)       4.0476           4.46
THE GALAXY - Wadsworth(6/8/13)             4.0357           3.87
WOLF CREEK TAVERN - Norton (7/2015)        4.01             3.82
ON TAP - Stow(1/28/11)                     3.94             3.93
CANAL PARK - Akron(6/28/11)                3.92             3.89
MAIN STREET SALOON - Akron(5/21/11)        3.82             3.76
WINKING LIZARD - Peninsula(7/13/12)        3.80             3.84
PUB BRICCO - Akron(6/8/12)                 3.79             3.91
JIMMY BIGGS - Cuyahoga Falls(10/21/11)*2   3.65             4.04
*1 Follow-up: May 30, 2013
*2 Follow-up: October 11, 2013.

As always, Pompous Carnivores from any Mensa chapter are invited to attend. Next outings TBA when the weather breaks. And you can Follow us on Facebook! Check out other reviews at http://burgerguyz.com/

Last Updated on Friday, 31 July 2015 20:55
Brain Candy Central PDF Print E-mail
Brain Candy Central
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 21:52

'Brain Candy Central' is Brian Rock's series of articles devoted to World Wide Web sites of interest to Mensans. More specifically, the sites Brian focuses on will be intellectually stimulating in one form or another. There's a lot of latitude in that concept! You can expect that the subjects of these sites will vary accordingly.

Mensa member Brian Rock has written the series (201 columns) for East Central Ohio Mensa's monthly newsletter, the Brægen. He has graciously agreed to share them with the rest of the world, too.

The basic idea is to present interesting -- 'fun' to a Mensan -- web sites for thinking people. Brian believes that most, but certainly not all, folks browsing the Web are 'thinkers'. So this stuff may well be of interest to you.

What we have here is the most recent articles and a link to of Brian's personal web site which you can visit by clicking HERE to see the full archive of past Brain Candy Central essays.

Be advised that old columns contain old information. Many sites that he has written about have disappeared or mutated, so you might not find things as he has described them. But, half the fun of these articles is seeing how various sites have evolved since Brian's initial discovery.


Last Updated on Sunday, 07 September 2014 16:56
Brain Candy #201 – Gray Goo and Other Matters PDF Print E-mail
Brain Candy Central
Sunday, 07 September 2014 16:56

I wrote last month about our trip to Detroit, and mentioned that we visited a restaurant called the Polish Village Café. I was not greatly impressed by the food, although it had been highly praised on the Food Network show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” I have to admit, we didn’t actually watch the episode that dealt with the Polish Village Café before we dined there. We have since done so and it confirmed an impression I got as we were leaving the restaurant – we ordered the wrong things. I noticed a potato pancake entrée as we left that looked really tasty and it turns out that was the focus item for the segment. To be more specific, it was the Hungarian Pancake that was featured – a very large potato pancake covered with a spicy pork and veggie goulash. It sounded and looked very good. Perhaps we’ll have to make another trip.


A few weekends ago, I participated in a reenactment of D-Day. This wasn’t one of those life-sized reenactments with real participants, but a war game called “Memoir ’44.”

Brain Candy #200 – Maker Faire #2 – Detroit PDF Print E-mail
Brain Candy Central
Saturday, 02 August 2014 14:56

About this time last year, Catherine and I made a trip to visit my relatives in northwest Missouri. While we were there, we spent a day in Kansas City at a function called a Maker Faire that has been going on in various places around the globe for almost ten years.

Maker Faires come in several sizes. There is the Maker Faire New York, which is the World Maker Faire and the largest of them all. Until this year, there were three other flagship Maker Faires in the United States: Maker Faire Bay Area (the first Maker Faire), Detroit and Kansas City.

This year, there are additional flagship Maker Faires in the US. There was a White

Last Updated on Sunday, 07 September 2014 17:02
Brain Candy #199 – Checkmate PDF Print E-mail
Brain Candy Central
Saturday, 02 August 2014 14:51

I often gather links from other sites and one I’ve mentioned and use often is Nat Torkington’s “Four Short Links” column, which you can find at radar.oreilly.com/nat. This month is no exception – on June 30 he posted a link to a book review from 2010, written by chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov. The review is from The New York Review of Books and you can find it at www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2010/feb/11/the-chess-master-and-the-computer/. Although it is meant to be a review of “Chess Metaphors: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind” by Diego Rasskin-Gutman, it goes beyond this to provide a fascinating discussion the intersection of chess, computers and the minds of experts.

Kasparov gives a brief history of his contests with computer chess programs including his

Last Updated on Saturday, 02 August 2014 14:55
COURTYARD CAFE - Brecksville - 7600 Chippewa Road - http://courtyardbrecksville.com/ PDF Print E-mail
Hamburger Review Board
Friday, 31 July 2015 20:49

Saturday July 11, 2015 evening brought seven members of the Hamburger Review Board together to sample the burgers at the Courtyard Café in Brecksville, officially outside the East Central Ohio Mensa territory but close enough and prominent enough to pique our interest. The restaurant gets its name from their center courtyard, which this night featured cool jazz, a crowd of people, and is obviously a popular area gathering spot. As the outside space was rather crowded, we were Courtyeard Cafe entrywayseated inside near the wait staff station and next to the reception desk. The continual influx of guests moving past our table was a bit distracting, but not much we could do about that. The noise level was also beyond our control.

Last Updated on Friday, 31 July 2015 20:57
SMOKE, THE BURGER JOINT – North Canton – 4934 Portage Street, N.W. – http://burgersbysmoke.com/ PDF Print E-mail
Hamburger Review Board
Friday, 31 July 2015 08:30

Smoke the Burger Joint storefrontTax day, April 15th 2015, and the first meetup of the year after a harsh, cold winter for the Mensa Hamburger review Board. Fourteen of us decide to celebrate by descending on a popular burger joint in the busy Belden Village shopping district of North Canton. This is one of two locations for Smoke, the Burger Joint, sort of a cross between fast food and upscale, the other being in Carrollton. We grabbed one booth, which seats six, and pulled two tables, each seating four with one on the end, adjoining it to accommodate our throng. It was a Wednesday evening, a day when all burgers sell for $5.00 (after 4:00PM), and there was a steady

Last Updated on Friday, 31 July 2015 20:46
WOLF CREEK TAVERN – Norton – 3044 Wadsworth Road – http://wolfcreektavern.com/ PDF Print E-mail
Hamburger Review Board
Thursday, 30 July 2015 16:54

Wolf Creek Tavern entryway signWolf Creek Tavern is the latest of a number of restaurants to locate within the walls of the old stone building at the intersection of South Cleveland Massillon Road and State Route 621. Having driven by numerous times during its past incarnations, I was always interested in seeing what the inside looked like. The building began life in 1840 and has served as a stop on the Underground Railroad and, during the Roaring 20’s, a Speakeasy. The basement Speakeasy is open on weekends, serving Prohibition-era original-recipe drinks. Wormy Chestnut,


Last Updated on Friday, 31 July 2015 20:45
LARRY’S MAIN ENTRANCE – Akron – 1964 West Market Street PDF Print E-mail
Hamburger Review Board
Sunday, 18 January 2015 16:30

Larry’s Main Entrance is your prototypical old-fashioned working-class bar. Though it sits on a major thoroughfare, Market Street, the entrance is in the back, off a very tiny parking lot. On entering through a short, narrow hallway one sees a long bar along the wall on the left side of the room, lots of dark wood, low lighting, and probably several people. The right side of the room, up a step, holds a row of several two-person tables opposite and parallel to a row of four-person booths. As I was expecting a larger number of MHRBers than could comfortably fit in a four-person booth, I quickly grabbed the only large, round table I saw, directly next to the entryway and the only place to sit other than the bar that wasn’t up a step. It was a good thing I did

Last Updated on Sunday, 18 January 2015 16:43

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