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1   Link   ECOM on-line book sale www.amazon.com
These donated items are offered for sale on Amazon.com to benefit the Karl J. Roden Scholarship fund of East Central Ohio Mensa.
2   Link   Judi Krew - www.judikrew.com
Features the paintings, drawings, photography and commissioned art work of artist Judi Krew. Paintings include the stories that make them entertainment as much as imagery. Only original art can be purchased from this site. (11/16)
3   Link   Dick Turner - Mabel's Clinic http://www.mabelsclinic.net
Dick Turner. long-time Tallmadge resident now located in Texas, tells us: (11/15)

This is what occupies me here in deep South Texas. I have been involved with the clinic for 11 years and I have been the director of the clinic for the last 6 years.

The clinic is located in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico in the state of Tamaulipas. Our staff consists of a medical doctor, a dentist, and an optometrist. We are open 5 half days per week and all services are free to the needy of the area. We are a 501 c 3 organization and all services are funded strictly by donations and fund raisers. We have a team of volunteers to assist in daily operations - registration, blood pressure and blood glucose testing, optometric examination for eyeglass prescriptions, sorting and fitting eyeglasses, and many more tasks that pop up.

We also have a team that visits the 14 schools in the area to test every student for eye or dental problems. Students that are discovered to need further correction by a professional are given a permission card to take home to their parents to sign, allowing us to come back another day and bring them in to our clinic. Students needing corrective eyeglasses as determined by our optometrist, choose their frame (donated of course) and we send out the frames and prescription to complete the process. Dental problems are handled immediately by the dentist unless he thinks the parents should be involved with more intensive procedures.

The clinic has initiated eye surgery with the generous cooperation of the Fundacion Medicina hospital located in Miguel Aleman, Mexico. We have sent 8 patients and we will send an additional 8 next week. This is a program that is sorely needed in Nuevo Progreso.

I could go on with the many programs that the clinic is involved in, or you could find us at our web site, www.mabelsclinic.net
4   Link   Emily Jamison https://www.etsy.com/shop/AuntieEmsCottage
Emily says: I have a site on etsy for my hand crafted items. I sell hand knit items, scarves and hats, pillows, shadow boxes with tiny crocheted dresses, plastic canvas Barbie furniture and little houses. (9/15)
5   Link   Dan Richards www.BiblicalZionist.com

My website is www.BiblicalZionist.com - an in-depth Biblical resource detailing every scripture in the Bible concerning The Chosen People and The Promised Land. At last count, it has about 125 pages with around 4,500 verses of scripture. This website has been online for over 11 years, but I've been studying and collecting the material for the last 45 years. Along the way, I've also made 5 trips to Israel - so far...
Almost a year and a half ago, I also started a related Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/BiblicalZionist where I daily post a new homemade sign/meme/picture/graphic/whatever you want to call them. Shalom.

The subject matter may be politically incorrect in some circles, but the intent is to inform, not inflame. (9/15)
6   Link   Larry Pulka www.modelshipsbylarrypulka.com
Model Ships by Larry Pulka, and the Blue Water Majesty Museum (10/15)

If you are looking for museum quality wooden ships, this is the place! Larry has been building model military and merchant ships since 1976, and has a worldwide clientele. Larry's work has won honors at numerous juried shows, and was the subject of a month-long exhibition at the Canton Museum of Art in the spring of 2007.

The Blue Water Majesty Museum, built to house his collection, is now open to the public. See the web site for more information.
7   Link   Dan Andrew www.infoaccess.net
InfoAccess.net is a global provider of an e-invoicing Service Solution with more than 16,000 customers in over 50 different countries. Our service helps companies exchange business documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, in the electronic format they desire. Reducing the number of paper documents in the order-to-invoice process eliminates unnecessary expense, makes reconciliation easier, reduces invoice deductions, and allows for a faster, more accurate payment cycle. InfoAccess.net successfully manages and processes 2.5 million A/P and A/R transactions annually. (9/15)
8   Link   Judi Krew - www.hoardcouture.com
The shopping site for one of kind fashions created by artist Judi Krew under the label Hoard Couture. Hoard Couture Original Denim Designs as well as re-imagined and re-created pieces plus accessories, can be found here. (11/16)
9   Link   Composer Scott Pfitzinger http://scottpfitzinger.com
The professional composer web presence of Scott Pfitzinger. Most of his compositions are listed and described, frequently with links to audio or video recordings and scores. (9/15)
10   Link   Bob Crawford LiteStream http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LiteStream/
A mix of weird news, humor, and profound thoughts. (9/15)
11   Link   Albert W. Thomas www.mutualfundmagic.com
Williamsburg Investment Company, Merritt Island, Florida (9/15)

Mensan and former brokerage company owner Al Thomas's web site features his showcase book IF IT DOESN'T GO UP DON'T BUY IT! in its 3rd edition as of October 2015, which presents a disciplined, straightforward, and iconoclastic approach to managing your own money. The book, ISBN 978-0-9671553-1-9, may also be purchased at on-line or bricks-and-mortar book stores.

The web page also offers links to Al's previously syndicated newspaper columns, and permits subscribing to his weekly financial email newsletter.
12   Link   Katie Hayes www.connectingtouch.com
Connecting Touch Therapy & Wellness Center, Inc. (9/15)

We help people gain pain relief and relaxation through massage therapy. We also offer partner massage classes, Yoga classes and Reiki classes and treatments. Our gift shop should be your first stop for relaxation music, massage oils and lotions, aromatherapy products and professional massage equipment. We invite you to stop in and experience our oasis of serenity. Stow and Hudson locations.
13   Link   Dave Short picking-and-collecting.weebly.com
Dave Short's (and Jonas's) online museum of antiques, collectibles, and memorabilia. Zeppelin and Blimp Memorabilia, Misc Antiques and Collectibles, Bottles and Jugs, Coca Cola and Pepsi collectibles, This Old House, Print Memorabilia (9/15)
14   Link   Rae Hallstrom www.ameriku.blogspot.com
www.ameriku.com and www.ameriku.blogspot.com

My art, which I call Ameriku, is a combination of my visual art, usually nature photography, and my haiku poetry. Each piece comes with an artist's concept that is similar to a prose poem. More samples available via email. (9/15)
15   Link   Miriam Norris www.sirs4quality.org
Society of Independent Representatives (9/15)

It's as if no one has ever heard of field servicing. This presents many problems, especially when you have to inspect a store and request their gross annual receipts; or a major apartment complex and you want their "confidential" rent roll. This industry also repossesses houses. This can be major trouble when a neighbor sees you "breaking-in" to a house and calls the police. So, I decided to do something about this problem and started an organization of "my own" for those of us in this industry.
16   Link   Bill Patterson www.kafejo.com

Esperanto parolata chi tie! Shonen Knife, Winnie the Pooh, language, music, metaphysics and more! (9/15)
17   Link   Judi Krew - www.judi-krew.fineartamerica.com
The production site where prints, totebags, pillows, cards and other items can be custom ordered made from the imagery of artist Judi Krew. (11/16)
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