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Wednesday, 08 March 2017 08:41
Service Learning  -- What is it?  The use of college students who are looking to fill out their resume. And maybe get credit through the professor or university for "real" work.
Now, engineers have always had internships with firms. One brother of mine got work at JPL in his junior year.  The plan is to meet business needs with the university classes, especially juniors, seniors and grad students.
This is better for the businesses. They get free/low cost labor, and the latest information in that area of study.
It works best if you can match a non-profit agency with the student. The student gets experience and a knowledge of non-profits in their local area, and how they benefit society (also, National Day of Service for Mensans on April 29 2017 is a good example for a start).
Examples - graphic design students make a web page for an agency. May also include computer class students for the software.
In one locale teams of students were challenged, and a group of business leaders judged the results. The winning team's logo was picked and used.
In another case, a veterinary asked how to wake up fish after surgery. This was handled by a team of chemistry and biology students, who devised a method of reducing the anaesthetic slowly.
So, how do you go about it?  Contact a local university and ask if there are students needing the work experience. There is also a federal work program that may pay you for 25% of the students fee/wage.

Bill Maki, President, Group  03-442  East Central Ohio Mensa

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